Booking Form & some usefull info

Book in your headshot session

Use the form on this page to book in a request for a session & I’ll get back to you ASAP so we can discuss your needs and find a time that suits best.

I can travel to you and shoot in your home or office, all our gear is portable and our lightning is battery powered so for us nothing special is needed, other then you. 

Below is some useful information out about the session and what you might expect on the day but just remember to be your wonderful self, relax & we’ll do our best to make your session a great experience for you.


    A great headshot says a lot about you & leaves the right impression – let’s make one

    Here’s how we work to make your shot great

    Breakout Time

    We'll take a couple of breaks during your session to look over images and refine your pose

    Image Selection

    At the end of our session we'll sit down and choose the images you want to purchase

    Clothing Changes

    Want to try a different look? Go for it! Bring a few changes of clothes if you'd like to see what works best

    Professional Retouching

    The images you select will be fully edited and delivered in good time, if you require immediate delivery let me know